Looking after yourself first

Looking after yourself is important to how you can be there for your children – while they are in care and when they come home. Self care and support help you develop as a parent and a person.

“At first I didn’t know how to look after myself, let alone have the kids home”.

“I started doing TAFE, counselling, a lot of programs on myself. I actually found a job for the first time ever. I went to a parenting group someone recommended, and that lead to about 5 more different groups. Three and a half years later I went for restoration and got my daughter and I’m currently in the process of my second daughter coming home and I’m just now getting more contact with my other son.” (parent)

If you would like support to look after yourself, follow these links:

Counselling and Mental Health

Drugs and Alcohol

Domestic Violence

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Parents with Disability

Programs for Parents

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