Working Towards Children Coming Home

This is a two-day workshop developed by parents whose children were removed and then returned to them. with lived experience of restoration. It is co-facilitated by two FISH peer workers who will guide parent participants through different activities that help prepare for restoration. They will also tell parts of their own stories about before, during and after restoration.


24 & 25 October
5 & 6 December

– workshops are free for parents – 

Workshop content includes:

  • Staying focused on children’s interests and needs
  • Strengthening child-parent relationships
  • Planning for family time to strengthen child-parent relationships and work towards restoration
  • The importance of parents being actively involved in planning and decision making about their child.

Donations from agencies for printing and catering would be very helpful.

If you are accepted to attend a workshop but you change your mind or can’t make it, please let our peer workers know. They can organise another parent to attend. We have limited funding and only 8 spots in each workshop. We want to give this opportunity to as many parents as possible.

Some Parent Feedback
“I really enjoyed the course. It has given me many tools and forms to help me with my section 90 journey.”

I learned, “That the restoration process is not as easy as go to court and have the sect 90 approved.”

“I feel that the group was run very well and it’s well planned out. The people running the group were very understanding and explained everything extremely well.”
I learned, “How to plan for restoration, family time, transition, keeping records, and building relationships with DCJ.