Being there for your kids

Being there for your kids

Help and tips on how to be there for your kids

“Even though my son is in care, I’ve still been able to play an important role in his life”


Despite the challenges, it is worth continuing to advocate for your kids and be there for them.

“We were always there for our child. Even when we weren’t physically able to be there we never stopped loving them, and now we have the chance to show it every day. My child loves seeing the section 90 with original orders rescinded, saying they are back with mum and dad” (Parent)

“Children need their parents in their lives. One way or the other” (Parent)

“A child can live in care and have love for their family as well” (Parent)

“I have been able to work collaboratively with the carer and agencies in making decisions regarding my child. We have been able to get to a point where we have achieved unsupervised visits, which is important to maintain my connection with my child. The carer and I both have my child’s best interests at heart” (Parent)

It’s important to remember that even while your children are in care, there are still ways you can continue to care for them, parent them and have good relationships with them.

You can do this by:

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