Drugs and Alcohol

Information to help you deal with issues surrounding drugs and alcohol

“I started doing what everyone else was doing, going to the night clubs once a week, then that turned into twice a week, then 4 times a week.

“I didn’t think it was a problem because all my other friends were doing it and their parents would babysit.

“Then it turned into drinking the other 3 days at my house. After I left detox, I went to rehab, then I found NA and AA and they were a huge support”.

“I rang rehabs and the waiting list was too long or I wasn’t eligible or I didn’t fit the criteria. I’m like, ‘You are kidding me?’ So I actually turned my home into a rehab. For me, It was about building new friendships as well and meeting new people to associate with that didn’t use drugs or alcohol. And to this day, my premises are still alcohol-free, smoke-free and drug-free.”


Services to support you in managing drugs and alcohol:

Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN)

Information and resources on alcohol and other drugs, links to research, journals and more

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Support for any alcohol related issues

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Support for any narcotic (drug) related issues

Calvary Mater Hospital Clinical Services

Information, referral and advice for drug & alcohol clinical services 

HNE Stimulant Treatment Program

Brochure on the HNE Stimulant Treatment Program

HNE Newcastle Cannabis Clinic

Brochure on the Newcastle Cannabis Clinic

Hunter Primary Care Drug and Alcohol Counselling Psychology Service

Provide psychological counselling services for people with common mental health conditions and substance use problems

Mercy Services Substance and Family Support

Offer a range of programs to assist families and individuals with a range of issues relating to housing and substance abuse support

St Vincent De Paul AOD Continuing and Coordinated Care (CCC) Program

Free and confidential service for people who are struggling to address their drug or alcohol issues

We Help Ourselves (WHOs)

Day program and Therapeutic Community Program

Kamira Farm

Residential Drug and Alcohol Service for women and children

The Glen

Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corp. Residential Drug and Alcohol Service for men

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