FISH services and fees

Examples of services are provided by parents with lived experience in navigating child protection and out-of-home care systems. Our services include the following:

Information Sessions: Parents telling their stories to workers, carers, and other parents, including attending sections of Shared Stories training in Permanency Support Programs and panels at conferences and other practice forums (large or small).

Consultations: Providing feedback and advice to agencies, practitioners, and researchers about initiatives that are focused on parents and the child protection system, e.g., training, programs, policy, research.

Individual support and advocacy: (also see, peer support and advocacy). Parents and family often benefit from having someone to sit with them, to explain the system and processes, and to make sure their voice is heard, e.g., early in the process when they do not know what is happening, and before, during or after restoration which has its own set of challenges. Some of these activities are free through our parent and family peer support and advocacy service.

Workshops, training and other learning events: We have a number of packages and can tailor workshops to your needs. Workshops are for workers, carers, and parents – dedicated to one group or combinations. Worker and carer workshops focus on building better relationships between parents and exploring, defining, and creating family inclusive practice. Parent workshops are developed based on needs identified during our support and advocacy work, e.g., working towards restoration (see workshop and training page).

Agency Fees for FISH Services

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Workshop/Training* Half day (up to 3 hours, e.g., 9.30-12.30) $1,200
Workshop/Training* Full day (3+ hours, e.g., 9.30-4.30) $1,800
Consultation/presentation (e.g., research, planning, programs, talking about experiences/guest speaker, Shared Lives, etc.) $180 per hr

Parent or family support/advocacy# (e.g., emotional or practical support, meeting attendance, family time support, conversation) Minimum 3 hours.

Some forms of this advocacy are free-of-charge while our Peer Support and Advocacy Service has funding. Contact us via email to enquire.

$210 per 3 hrs
Travel (if return trip is one hour or more) $120 per hr

* All workshops/training are co-facilitated by parents. This cost does not include printing or travel and accommodation costs if the workshop/training is at a distance – additional costs will be discussed on inquiry.

# This activity is additional to other support and advocacy provided by peer support workers employed by FISH for which they are paid, i.e., court support, phone support, and morning teas. Includes cost of supervision session for supporter/advocate. Please note, meeting support may require 6-10 hours (e.g., FGC) for meeting preparation with parents, support during the meeting, and debriefing with parents after the meeting.