Peer Support & Advocacy Services

Peer support workers aim to support, educate and empower parents whose children were removed and placed in care or may be at risk of being removed.

They are part of a team of parent peers who have successfully navigated child protection systems and use their experiences to help others. They are trained and supervised and do a combination of paid and voluntary work.


We are excited to announce that the Ian and Shirley Norman Foundation (ISNF) has provided us a generous grant over the next three years to help pay staff and expand our services. Thank you!

COURT SUPPORT: Peer Support Workers are at Broadmeadow Children’s Court every Thursday to support parents and family attending court for care and protection matters. They can provide emotional support and information and can share their own experiences of the system.

PHONE SUPPORT: For confidential parent peer support over the phone call our free line on

1300 942 598

Call any time, leave a message, and a peer support worker will call you back.

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GROUP SUPPORT: Peer Support Workers provide different group support options where parents and families can share experiences, tips and advice about child protection and out-of-home care:


FISH was involved in the Parent Peer Support Project (PPSP) between March 2019 and October 2020. It was a short funded trial project that provided peer support for parents who had children removed from their care. Some of the Parent Partners who worked in the PPSP now work for FISH as Peer Support Workers. Everything has stayed the same but it is now a FISH service. We are grateful to the PPSP management team, the parent partners, and parents and practitioners who supported the PPSP and made the FISH expansion possible.

We are looking for more peer support workers

Parent Partners also created a series of information resource sheets for parents and family new to the system that might help them in child protection, legal, and out-of-home care (OOHC) processes and systems (see below).

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