Programs for Parents

Information on where  to access programs that will help you grow as a parent. Not just about parenting. Programs for you and your development can help you be a better parent.

It can be really difficult to find programs and support for you personally and as a parent. Suitable parenting programs can also be hard to find when you don’t have your child living with you. This is information about local programs. For the parenting ones, check first if your children should be living with you.

Click links for information about programs offered by some Hunter services:

Services to support you as a parent and in your parenting

Uniting Newpin Newcastle

Newpin (New Parent and Infant Network) is a therapeutic restoration program that supports and empowers families to break the cycle of child neglect and abuse and to provide safe, nurturing environments for children.

Provides support and assistance to help you make the positive changes that you would like to make in your family. Support and parenting programs available at a range of locations.

Provides of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities


Provide counselling and family services, chaplaincy, microfinance loans and food support. They also provide various parenting and family programs.

Runs parenting courses, including men’s programs

Provides research, teaching, and practice focused on families and their communities.

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