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“I remember just standing at the lights before the court and my stomach started getting really sore, I wanted to vomit and I was sweating heaps. I was having a panic attack. I was so nervous”. (Parent)

“Every time I went, I felt like that. It was just awful. But going to court, I never knew what I was going in for. I didn’t know what was happening, I just followed the lawyer.  People started telling me questions I need to ask the lawyer. The biggest one was to ask when I didn’t understand and getting to know my rights. It’s easier now because I know my rights, I know a lot of information now, I know questions I can ask the lawyer and I don’t have to agree with the lawyer.” (Parent)

Know what’s right

Your children’s rights


Overview - rights of kids in care


Charter of rights - Kids rights in care (ages 7-12)


Charter of rights - Kids rights in care (ages 13-18)


Care Leavers' Charter of Rights

Your rights


Your rights as a parent while your child is in care

Things have changed and I want my kids back.

The Children's Court made a decision that I am not happy about.

I think I have been discriminated against.

Family Inclusion NSW

This website has more information about going to court and about legal processes.

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